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Attentions in Use of Clamp-shaped Transformer

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  The clamp-shaped transformer is a precision sensor, and the following points must be taken into account during use:

  1. The clamp-shaped transformer is a precision sensor for measuring current and electric energy, and must be provided with the electronic amplification circuit, power multiplier, compensation circuit and the like to realize the accurate measurement;

  2. Secondary open circuit is strictly prohibited in use;

  4. The appearance must be check for deformation before use, otherwise the precision of the test may be affected;

  5. Check if the end face of the iron core is clean before use, and wipe it with a dry silk cloth (alcohol and water are strictly prohibited);

  6. The use environment requires that it shall stay away from the strong magnetic field so as not to affect the test accuracy. The ambient temperature for use is -30℃~+40℃, and the relative humidity shall be less than 80%. It is strictly forbidden to use in the wet and corrosive gas environment;

  7. The end face of the iron core must be kept clean and closed in good condition in the process of use;

  8. Handle with care in use, prevent heavy objects from colliding so as not to affect the precision;

  9. After use, it must be preserved in a clean environment.

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